Sous réserve de modifications de la FFT

Article 1

The 15th International Mont Blanc Triathlon is on the official calendar of the French Triathlon Federation. Consequently its rules are in compliance with the general 2018 ruling of the F.Tri.F.(Fédération Française de Triathlon) available on the Federation website. By registering for this event the Competitor (M.B.T.) automatically implies its acceptance of and compliance with the F.Tri.F.’s rules.

Article 2 – General Conditions

Swimming :

The use of wet suits can be allowed or forbidden depending on the water temperature conditions as presented in the table below.

The swim phase may be cancelled , depending on  the water temperature, as indicated in the table below. If the swim phase is cancelled, it must be replaced by a run phase. The triathlon may be modified to a dualthon .The duration of the course may not exceed the time limits  imposed by the diverse decrees of the Federation.

JuniorsSprint and Middle DistancesLong Distance
Cancellation of the swim phase< or  = 16°C< or = 12°C< or = 12°C
Use of wet suits mandatory< or  = 16°C< or = 16°C
Use of wet suits forbidden> or = 24°C> or 24°C> or = 24°C


Competitors are required to wear a numbered swim cap which must be lent to them by the Event Organiser.
Swimming goggles are allowed.
The wearing of race numbers, apart from on the swim cap, is not permitted in swim phases.
Biking :
Cycling helmets are mandatory and must have a hard shell certified by international safety standards. The helmet and the chin straps must be closed and adjusted at all times when the competitor is in possession of his bike, inside and outside the bike park,which means from the time he removes his bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until after he has placed his bike on the rack at the finish of the bike leg. Helmets must be worn at all times when walking about in the bike park.
Since the bike circuit takes place on roads open to normal traffic, the French Highway code and local traffic regulations must be strictly followed.
Competitors are not permitted to shelter behind another competitor, or to benefit from the suction or draft zone of another competitor or motor vehicule during the race (drafting is forbidden).
Race numbers must not be folded. The number must be clearly visible at all times, on the cyclist’s back, fixed by three fastener points to the competitor’s clothing. Competitors are strongly advised to display their number in a suitable race belt or bib. Only one race number per competitor will be supplied.
During the cycling phase, each athlete will be provided with a specific label for their bike which must be attached either to the frame or to the saddle. No third party, not taking part in the event,is allowed in the bike park.Only competitors,event organisers and arbitrators are allowed.. Bikes are to be collected at the end of the triathlon on presentation of the competitor’s official race number .

Running :
The competitor is not permitted to run with a bike helmet on.
The official race number must be worn facing forward and must not be folded.The competitor must not be accompanied by a third person.The number must be affixed in three places.
Competitors are advised to have a suitable race number belt or bib. Only one official race number will be supplied to each runner.

Relay events :
The teams can be feminine, masculine or mixed. Each team consists of a minimum of two people and a maximum of three people.

Article 3 : Briefing

(see article 15)

A compulsory briefing for triathlon competitors will be held before the competition. The briefing usually takes place 30 minutes before the start of each competition in the bike park.

Article 4 – Awards and Prizes

The presence of the award-winning competitors is compulsory. Should this not be the case, no award can be reclaimed later on by an absent competitor. The organiser has the right to dispose of the award in any way he sees fit.
Additional prizes maybe given by a draw of race numbers. Should a winner be absent, no prize can be reclaimed later on. It will immediately be put back into the draw.

Article 5 – The Organisation's Liability Insurance

The Organisation of the Mont Blanc Triathlon has an « event licence » drawn up by the F.Tri.F., an insurance cover through the Allianz insurance policy N°54050159 of the F.Tri.F.
The M.B.T. is consequently entitled to a third party liability insurance, for the financial consequences of any liability of any kind that it may incur in the course of its activities.Those insured include the organisers, officials, staff and volonteers, in the framework of the organisation of the event. The damage cover and guarantees are defined in the insurance contract which may be consulted on the F.Tri.F. Web site. The organizer is also covered in legal defense and in pursuit of a claim following an accident.
The Organiser has also two further optional guarantees proposed by the F.Tri.F. : damage to following vehicules and to following boats (for collision and damage coverage).

Article 6 – Insurance provided for Competitors

Competitors should be aware of the risks involved in this type of sporting event which requires prior training and a high level of physical fitness.
Non-licensees F.Tri F., F.Tri.F leasure activities licencees and those entitled to a competition pass are covered by the Liability insurance contract N° 54050159 of the F.Tri.F. (see also article 13).
The damage, guarantees and details of financial coverage are listed in the contract which can be consulted on the F.Tri.F . website.
Holders of the « competition pass » only benefit from the coverage of the « liability insurance ». F.Tri.F. Licensees holding a « competition » licence benefit in addition to individual accident and « assistance » coverage (organisation and return journey home coverage assured by « Mondiale Assistance »). Telephone : 01 49 93 80 75 ).
All holders of a licence with a foreign federation affiliated to the International Triathlon Union (IUT) can take part in the events without having to pay for a competition pass.
The athlete will however have to complete and sign an information sheet (I.T.U.pass) stating that the athlete holding a licence with a foreign federation affiliated to the International Triathlon Union (IUT) , is not necessarily insured for the events he is taking part in on French territory. He automatically benefits from the coverage of the Liability of the Federal Insurance Policy .
Equipment does not benefit from any Federal insurance coverage.
Since no individual insurance coverage is offered by the French Triathlon Federation, it is up to the athlete holder of a licence with a foreign federation affiliated to the I.T.U.( if he is not already covered by the licence of his own federation ) to take out in his own name, with an insurance company of his own choice, an individual insurance policy covering any corporal injury to which his sporting activities may expose him.

Article 7 – Cancellation of the event in case of force majeure.

In the event of cancellation or of definitive interuption of the competition for any reason outside the control of the Organisation, and in particular, a cancellation due to any case of force majeure, due to any decisions by public authorities ( in particular for reasons of public health, of safety or of preserving public order ) due to any risks of bad weather or bad weather conditions at the time of the event, the Organizer will incur no liability whatsoever in regard to the competitors and registration fees will not be reimbursed.The competitors hereby renounce any reclamation right of request for repayment whatsoever, either in the case of a cancellation or of a definitive interuption of the event.

Article 8 – Image rights

The Participant hereby acknowledges and accepts that the Organiser will be entitled to proceed to the recording and/or the acquisition/storage of still and animated images of the Event, (including the Participant’s first and last names, statements and representation), appearing on the various items of equipment (hereafter “the Films and Photographs”). The Participant hereby agrees to any and all use by the Organiser or any authorized third party of the Films and Photographs and/or of all or part of their contents or excerpts for the specific following needs, without limitation in time: (a) broadcast of the Event (i.e. any dissemination as a whole or in excerpts, either live or in delayed broadcast, via any and all media and over any platform now known or to be created in the future, by radio and television broadcast, by any mobile, online, digital, closed circuit or public place communication or distribution, any broadcast on airplanes or at sea, over the Internet, video, or DVD); (b) use by any partner/sponsor/supplier of the Event for their operations / institutional communication campaigns (excluding any use for advertising campaigns); (c) promotion of future editions of the Event or any associated event/operation; (d) institutional or commercial promotion Group.

Article 9 : Arbitration

The present Rules are governed by French law. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the present Rules will be submitted to the arbitration of the F.Tri.F. according to its Regulations or, otherwise, to the Sports Arbitration Chamber of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, and finally decided based on the latter’s regulations.

Article 10 – Registration Fees

The registration fees cover only the participation in the competition and do not include any travel, board and lodging or medical expenses (on site care, repatriation, etc.), which will be the responsibility of the Competitor.
Mont Blanc Triathlon proposes a solidarity action (without any obligation on your behalf) by asking the competitor to make a payment of 1 to 20 euros in favour of a humanitory Association that will be defined soon.

Article 11 – The Medical Structure

There will be two medical teams for the event, each composed of a doctor, a nurse and first aid workers. One team will be mobile and the other team will based at Lake Passy. Two ambulances will be ready to intervene in case of an emergency.

Article 12 – Security Ensured during the Event

Security during the swim phases :
1 person, a boat licence holder, is responsible for the swim phases, driving a motor boat type- Zodiac : BEESAN or BNSSA .
1 person holder of a safety certificate in kayak (B.E.kayak) in a canoe.
7 firefighters and/or members of a diving club will be allocated to the 7 canoes Security during the Bike phases :
50 marshals equipped with fluo safety vests and K10 signs, will mark and indicate the intersections
3 municipal police officers and 2 ASVP (Agents de Surveillance de la Voie Publique), for the M distance….(short distance) and S distance (sprint).
100 marshals for the L distance (Mont Blanc Man), equipped with fluo safety vests and K10 signs, will mark and indicate the intersections,
3 municipal police officers and 2 ASVP(Agents de Surveillance de la Voie Publique), for the L distance.
A lead car and a broom wagon will be available.
Motorbikes will be on hand for the arbitrators, the doctor, cameraman, photographers.
Security during the Run Phases :
5 volunteers will be positioned on the route around Lake Passy S distance (sprint)
10 volunteers for the junior Triathlons 8-11years and 12-15 years
10 volunteers for the Triathlon M distance (short distance)
15 volunteers for the Triathlon L distance (Mont Blanc Man) on the Sunday (several laps)

Article 13 – Conditions of Accessibility to the Competition.

Holders of a F.Tri.F competition licence must show a valid competition licence with proof of identity, when collecting their race number.
Other competitors must fill in the competition pass and pay the registration fee, when registering on internet. A medical certificate certifying no contraindications for doing competitive sport, (established less than one year from the date of the registration) is compulsory for competitors not holding a F.Tri.F.,competition licence , both for individual competitions and for relays (except for special cases mentioned below).
Holders of a F.Tri.F. Licence for leasure activities or for Officials of the F.Tri.F. must present a medical certificate certifying no contraindications for doing competitive sport, give proof of identity and pay the registration fee for the competition pass
For the relays : Triathlon S distance (sprint), Triathlon M distance(short distance) and Triathlon L distance (Mont Blanc Man)
Holders of a F.F.N. Licence . A medical certificate is not required for the competitor taking part in the swim phase, but payment for the competition pass is required.
Holders of a F.F.N licence.A medical certificate is not required for the competitor taking part in the bike phase, but payment for the competition pass is required.
Holders of a F.F.N licence. A medical certificate is not required for the competitor taking part in the run phase but payment for the competition pass is required.
Non-French Competitors: for holders of a Triathlon licence whose federation is affiliated to the I.T.U., the presentation of their valid licence when collecting their race number is compulsory. They are exempt from paying the competition pass, but they must fill in the ITU pass form(free).
Minor children with no F.Tri.F. Licence :
The father, the mother or the legal tutor must authorise the young minor to take part in the competition.
All these documents can be downloaded when registering on the website of the organisation.
Incomplete applications :
For all applications incomplete on the day of the competition, the competitor will not be allowed to take part in the competion nor will he be given his race number.
No refund will be given in such a case.

Article 14 – Cancellation by the competitor and/or change of race.

The competitor will only have his registration fee refunded ( by bank transfer from Le or by cheque by our club), for medical reasons and upon presentation of a valid medical certificate, addressed to the person in charge of registrations in his mail box before Sunday
26th August 2018 at the latest.
After this date no registration fee will be refunded.

Article 15 – Triathlon programme

➢Friday 24 August 2018
•11.00 to 19.00 : collect race numbers distances S, M, L., 8-11 years and 12-15 years
•Saturday 25 August 2018 morning S distance (sprint)
•7.00 to 7.45 : collect race numbers of S distance (sprint)
•7.00 to 8.00 : opening of bike park of S distance (sprint)
•8.00 to 12.30 : collect race numbers for the M (short distance)
•8.15 : briefing for the distance S (sprint)
•8.45 : start of distance S (sprint) 1st wave men/women separate
•8.50 : start of 2nd wave relay S (sprint)
•9.45 : arrival of 1st first competitor of the S
•11.00 : arrival of last competitor of the S
•11.00 : award giving of the S (sprint)
•11.00 to 12.15 : collect bikes
•12.30 to 18.00 : collect race numbers for the Mont Blanc Man (L)

➢Saturday 25 August 2018 afternoon M Distance (short distance)
•12.30 to 13.30 opening of bike park
•13.30 briefing
•14.00 departure M (CD)1st wave men/women separate
•14.10 departure 2nd wave relay M (CD)
•15.55 arrival of 1st competitor
•16.30 time limit last departure running
•16.30 collect bikes
•17.00 Prize giving
•18.00 Arrival of last competitor

➢ Sunday 26 August 2018 : Mont Blanc Man (L)
•6.00 to 8.30 : collect race numbers for the Mont Blanc Man
•7.30 to 8.45 : deposit bikes
•8.00 to 10.00 : opening of bike park 8-11years and 12-15 years (2nd park)
•8.00 to 9.30 : collect race numbers 8-11 years
•8.30 to 9.45 : collect race numbers 12-15 years
•8.45 :Briefing
•9.15 : Start men and women separated
•9.30 : start relay
•10.00 : briefing 8-11 years
•10.30 : start 8-11 years
•10.30 : briefing 12-15 years
•10.41 : arrival of 1st , 10.53 arrival of last 8-11 years
•11.00 : start 12-15 years
•Arrival : 1st 11.26, last 11.44 of the 12-15 years
•12.00 : Prize-giving 8-11 years and 12-15 years
•12.30 : arrival first bike of the Mont Blanc Man
•14.10 : arrival of 1st competitor
•15.30 : fetch bikes
•15.30 : time limit last departure run
•17.00 : Prize-giving
•18.05 : arrival last competitor

Article 16 – Collect race numbers, special cases

It will be possible to collect the race number or race numbers of people you know as long as you have the competition Triathlon licences of the people concerned or their medical certificates and identity cards (if they do not have a triathlon competition licence)

Article 17 – Bikes in the park bike and briefing

Saturday the 25th of august
7h00 to 8h30 opening bike park (S distance) briefing at 8h15
12h30 to 13h30 opening bike park (M distance) briefing à 13h30

Saturday the 26th of august
7h30 à 8h45 opening bike park (L distance) briefing at 8h45
8h00 à 10h00 opening bike park (8 11 and 12 15 distance)
10h briefing 8 11 ans
10h 30 briefing 12 15 ans

Article 18 – Distances of the races

➢Junior 8-11 years : swim leg 100m, mountain bike leg 2km and run leg 1000m.
➢Junior 12-15 years : swim leg 300m, mountain bike leg 5km and run leg 2000m.
➢Triathlon distance S (sprint) : swim leg 750m , bike leg 20km, run leg 5km.
➢Triathlon distance M (short distance) : swim leg 1500m, bike leg 45k, run leg 10km
➢Triathlon distance L (Mont Blanc Man) : swim leg 1900m, bike leg 70km, run leg 20km.

Article 19 –Accessibility to the races/ age categories

➢Junior 8-11 years : Poussins, pupilles
➢Junior 12-15 years : Benjamins, minimes
➢Triathlon distance S (sprint) : from cadets upwards
➢Triathlon distance M (short distance) : from juniors upwards
➢Triathlon distance L (Mont Blanc Man) : from juniors upwards
➢Relay triathlon distance S : from benjamin upwards (benjamin and minime must run one phase)
➢Relay triathlon distance M : from cadet upwards (cadet must run one phase)
➢Relay triathlon distance L : from junior upwards

Article 20 – Age Categories

➢Poussins : born in 2009and 2010
➢Pupilles : born in 2007 and 2008
➢Benjamins : born in 2005 and 2006
➢Minimes : born in 2003 and 2004
➢Cadets : born in 2001 and 2002
➢Juniors : born in 1999 and 2000
➢Séniors : born between 1979 and 1998
➢Véterans : born in 1978 and before.

Article 21 – Entry date deadline

➢Tuesday 21 August 2018, midnight on Internet.
➢The registration fees of the service provider le are additional. No registration will be
possible on-site at Passy during the weekend of the event.

Article 22 – Maximum number of competitors by category

➢Jeunes 8-11 years : 80
➢Jeunes 12-15 years : 80
➢Triathlon distance S in individual category : 550
➢Triathlon distance S in relay category : 27 teams
➢Triathlon distance M in individual category : 500
➢Triathlon distance M in relay category : 27 teams
➢Triathlon distance L in individual category : 500
➢Triathlon distance L in relay category : 27 teams

Article 23 – Time keeping

It will be carried out by a professionnal service provider. An electronic chip system will give a split timing by phase, except for the Triathlons jeunes for which there will be a global timing. An electronic control point will be set up above the ressort of Plaine Joux for the bike route of the triathlons distance M and L. A second electronic control point will be set up in the car park next to the roundabout La Princesse for the bike route of the Triathlon distance L.
For the run leg of the Triathlons distances S and M an electronic control point will be set up at the end of the first lap, for the Triathlons distance L at the end of the 1st and 2nd lap. Each electronic chip must be given back by the competitor at the finish, otherwise the price of the chip (15 euros) will have to be paid.

Article 24 – Feed stations

S = No feed station for bike – 1 feed station for start run (solid/liquid)
M = 2 feed stations for bike -1 at the top soudans (liquid)+ 1 at Plaine Joux (solid-liquid)
L = 4 feed stations for bike 1 at la princesse (liquid) +1 at top of Bettex (solid/liquid) + 1 au Soudans
(liquid) + 1 at Plaine Joux (solid-liquid) /2 r feed stations for run at each lap (3 laps)
8-11 ans = No feed station for bike – 1 feed station for start run (solid/liquid)
12-15 ans = No feed station for bike – 1 feed station for start run (solid/liquid)
One feed station at the arrival (solid+liquid)

Article 25 – Sustainable development

The International Mont Blanc Triathlon bears the « Sustainable Triathlon » label.
On this basis, the organization will set up « eco- zones » (rubbish disposal points) close to the feed stations. These zones are there for competitors to dispose of their rubbish.
Each athlete will do everything in his power to respect the environment during the different phases of the competition. Any throwing of cups, bottles, packaging waste outside the eco-zones is not allowed  and will be sanctioned.
If an athlete stops to pick up his rubbish, he will be allowed to continue the race (yellow card « stop and go »). If he cannot or does not want to comply, the sanction applied by the arbitrator will be the red card (disqualification).
The Mont Blanc Triathlon will make dry toilets available (to limit the use of water), volunteers will be transported to their positions on the bike route by bus (to limit the pollution of individual transport).

Article 26 – A Triathlon Event for Women

The Mont Blanc International Triathlon also bears the « Feminine Triathlon » label. On this basis, the organisation will make a tent available for the female competitors where they can get changed, women’s toilets will be set up, a separate start line will be established to avoid the female competitors being pushed about at the start of the swim leg.The awards for the first three female competitors will be identical to those of the first three male competitors. A mountain bike will also open the run phase for the 1st female start .