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100m   2,5km   1km

KIDS 8-11

18 JUNE 2023 14h

Start - Finish

Cut-off Time
30 minutes

10€ For all the kids

KIDS 8-11


  • Swim: 100m
  • Bike: 2.5km on trails
  • Run: 1km


This event is dedicated to young children from 8 to 11 years who will benefit from a specific transition area, apart from the adult races. All the bike and running races take place in the Lac de Passy secure area.

Bike loop on trails accessible only by mountain bike or gravel.

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Course Map

KIDS 8-11 Race Map

Subject to change by the organizer


Swim Distance 1.9km

Bike Distance 66km

Run Distance 20km

Start - Finish LAC DE PASSY

Date 17 JUNE 2023 8h

The HALF Mont-Blanc Man format crosses 5 communes of the Mont-Blanc region starting from the lake of Passy.

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Swim Distance 1.5km

Bike Distance 42km

Run Distance 10km

Start - Finish LAC DE PASSY

Date 18 JUNE 2023 8h

This event is for experienced triathletes and is a great place for climbers. Forget the extension cord, it’s useless!

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Swim Distance 750m

Bike Distance 23km

Run Distance 5km

Start - Finish LAC DE PASSY

Date 18 JUNE 2023 15h

A short event that allows everyone, including beginners, to taste the joys of triple effort.

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Swim Distance 300m

Bike Distance 5km

Run Distance 2,5km

Start - Finish LAC DE PASSY

Date 17 JUNE 2023 10h

An event accessible to all to discover the triathlon and the sequence of disciplines in a unique setting.

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Passy Pays du Mont-Blanc