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Triathlon is a complete sport that combines swimming, cycling and running.

It may sound impressive and sometimes even impossible.

Are you looking to showcase your favourite sport? Take up a challenge with your friends or family? Train in a particular discipline under real race conditions?

Then the relay triathlon is for you!

You need to find partners, and each one will be the star of his discipline:

  • The first one will be the swimmer
  • The second will be the cyclist
  • The third will be the runner

Your whole team is registered under one number. During the transitions, you just have to be ready and pass the chip/transponder to the next runner. The transition zones correspond to the change of disciplines and take place in the bike park.

The Mont-Blanc Man, Half Mont-Blanc Man, Olympic and Sprint formats are available in relays.

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relay triathlon

Teams of 3 but also of 2!

It is also possible to do a relay triathlon in pairs. In this case, one of the two participants will have to complete the planned distance in two disciplines, depending on your team strategy.

relay triathlon cyclists

The course are identical to the individual format, and the relay will start 30 minutes later.

When you register, all you have to do is select the relay in the format you are interested in, choose your team name and specify the number of participants. It is a team rate, regardless of the number of participants.

  For the first 5 teams OR from 15.12 to 15.02 For the 15 following teams OR from 16.02 to 05.04 For the remaining teams OR from 06.04 to 15.06
Relay Mont-Blanc Man 510€ 550€ 620€
Relay Half Mont-Blanc Man 210€ 230€ 250€
Relay Olympic 110€ 120€ 130€
Relay Sprint 70€ 75€ 80€
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