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Transport & Access

How to get to the Triathlon Village

The Triathlon Village will be located on Base de Loisirs of Passy, June 16th-18th 2023.

You have different options to get here:

Travel by bike

A bike park at the entrance of the village will be available.

Public Transport

Passy is very served by public transport thanks to regional buses. It is necessary to stop at one of the bus station: Sallanches-Combloux-Megève / Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains Le Fayet. The village is located a few kilometers away.

Travel by train

Both of train stations Sallanches-Combloux-Megève / Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains Le Fayet are served by swiss and french lines.

Travel by Car

Passy is accessible by car. Several car parks are located near the Triathlon Village. We ask you to use car-pooling, the car-pool parking space ATMB in Passy “Les Sablières” will be accessible all week-end.

Passy Pays du Mont-Blanc